Thursday, July 21, 2005

Senate to Hold 2 Hearings on Grokster, Media Ratings

Next week, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold two hearings that only a true media policy wonk could endure--let alone look forward to.

The more visible of the two will come next Thursday; it considers the MGM v. Grokster decision. A lot of heavy hitters are saying that no legislation is necessary at the moment, but never underestimate the willingness of vested political actors to try to turn any upswing in media coverage into fresh, favorable legislation. (Not a lot of people are ecstatic about the decision, of course, so it's worth the effort.)

The more obscure hearing will consider S. 1372, the FAIR Ratings Act. I'm not sure why anybody has their panties up in a bunch over media ratings, and I don't know why somebody's sponsoring a bill to amp up oversight. (If it's in light of the racial politics of the Personal People Meter, the senators are seriously late to the party.) I'm sure the witnesses will be more than happy to tell us.

In the interest of full disclosure, I may only consider this newsworthy b/c I'm in the middle of congressional hearingland in my quest to write the perfect DMCA paper. Details forthcoming.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Nelson said...

Are you actually planning on attending these meetings in DC? Because I might, and if you are, we should meet up :-)


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