Friday, November 11, 2005

Sony, embarrassed, retreats

After taking a huge beating in the public's eye for selling CDs that install spyware on users' computers, Sony has halted production of the CDs.

Of course, they still haven't released the full list of affected CDs or told the public how to uninstall the junk. At least one trojan has already been identified as taking advantage of the Sony backdoor.

Anybody else glad that they stopped supporting RIAA labels years ago? I sure am. I am not sure, however, why we're supposed to buy CDs that compromise our computers when we can download the same tracks online for free. (I don't use P2P either, by the way. I use another source of "pirated" music: the radio.)

P.S. The first link, if you didn't click, truly is a huge beating of Sony's insanity.


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