Thursday, November 03, 2005

iMesh's P2P filters showing gaps

In their effort to keep unauthorized music off its first-ever authorized P2P networks, iMesh developed an intricate system for prohibiting unauthorized transmissions. Charge for songs that are under contract, permit the free exchange of songs that are under no copyright or a Creative Commons license, and forbid the sale of other songs (e.g., those by Led Zeppelin). At least, that's what they imply.

Unfortunately, their filters could be renamed "Houses of the Holey," because they're still not 100% perfect.

I suspect they'll patch around it, and everyone will continue to feel the same about iMesh. Labels will continue to thank them for helping them seem less virulently anti-tech (until the next new disruptive tech comes along), and the Downhill Battle crowd will continue to think of them as sell-outs.

I wish them luck fixing their problems, but I'd rather see people support their local indy music store.


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