Thursday, September 15, 2005

RIAA pushes to strip you of recording rights

The RIAA is pushing to roll back your right to record music at home. As part of the switch to digital radio broadcasting, they're pushing to mandate that devices capable of recording digital radio feature a host of crippling features.

As reported here by the EFF, the RIAA is hoping to mandate the following:
recordings must be for no less than 30 minutes;

recordings cannot be divided into individual songs, nor will you be allowed to jump between songs;

recordings must be encrypted and locked to the individual recording device (no transfers to your iPod!);

recordings can only be triggered by a human pressing a "record" button or by pre-programmed date-and-time (like your old VCR!), which means no smart metadata driven features like TiVo's "Wishlist."
This is even though the 1992 Audio Home Recording Act specifically gives people the full right to record--even from the radio--in the privacy of their homes.

Write, call, or fax your Representative and Senators today; the EFF page lets you submit your comments electronically.


At 3:33 PM, Blogger Ian Samuel said...

Well, that's an amazing amount of bullshit. Why isn't this on the EFF blog, anyway? I contacted my representatives. Fear me, Salazars.

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