Monday, September 19, 2005

China still = piracy

As explained here on CNet News, China is still awash in pirated movies despite WIPO and promises from high-level politicos.

This is an example of trying to export our own cultural expectations onto the Chinese:
There are cultural issues as well. Many Chinese see strict intellectual property-rights enforcement as a zero-sum game in which foreigners benefit and Chinese lose. Historically, the act of copying hasn't necessarily had negative connotations: In painting and calligraphy, Chinese artists sought to mimic acknowledged masters. Too, under Communism people grew up believing assets should be shared resources. "The arguments we hear from the Chinese side are, 'Please lower the prices and then we won't pirate,'" says Thomas Pattloch, chairman of the European Union Chamber of Commerce Intellectual Property Rights working group and an attorney in the Shanghai office of Schulz, Noack and Barwinkel.
Some things never change.


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