Saturday, February 11, 2006

1201 exemption reply comment online

I was rather excited to participate in the 2006 triennial DMCA exemption hearings, especially after writing Catch 1201 (along with OHG), a systematic study of the last two rounds. Here's my reply comment (pdf).

If you go down the list of reply commenters, it's impressive how the field of communication studies came together to support Decherney (pdf), Sender, and Delli Carpini on this one. In addition to a reply comment (pdf) by Decherney et al. and my submission, reply commenters include:

Michael Haley, the executive director of the International Communication Association, submitting Reply Comment #26 (pdf).

Stephen Prince (an ASC alum and protege of Paul Messaris), submitting Reply Comment #28 (pdf) on behalf of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

A long list of comm scholars, capped off by Kembrew McLeod, with Reply Comment #16.

If it gets any traction, the "Penn exemption" will be a landmark. I, for one, will be there live this spring. Here's hoping Marybeth Peters plays ball.


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